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Christ is Savior and King

I am a Christian mom who stands rooted in her faith. I believe the Bible and all that is in it, it's the inerrant word of God. I am not ashamed. Jesus is my Savior. I was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and am a rape survivor. I stand united with Christ!!!

My Testimony:
I was raised in a Catholic home and started doubting all their teachings as an older teen (19). I proceeded to denounce my religion and God’s existence. I hated anything Christian as I associated it with my childhood. I read up on and studied Taoism, Buddhism, VooDoo, various forms of Wicca, and Satanic rituals. At one point I even withdrew from all religions and decided there was no god at all. During those times I was out partying and taking home guys I just met. I drank until I couldn’t stand straight, smoked weed at every opportunity, defied authority. I got my tongue pierced and was thinking about getting tattooed. I spent days feeling worthless, hating myself and the rest of the world. I became suicidal at one point and was hospitalized after overdosing twice. I started dating women and took pride in being lesbian. I was abusive and violent. I was self-destructive and self-mutilating. I felt alone and didn’t know where to go or what to do. Every minute of every day became a struggle for me. After getting pregnant and being left by the father I started feeling the need to go to church. At the time I was living with my parents (at 24 yrs old) with my daughter and they wanted me to be a stay at home mom so that’s what I did. Because of this, I had no transportation and the only church I could walk to was the one I was raised in. I started going there for a little while but it didn’t feel right. Not because they weren’t accepting or anything, it was more of a sense of me being there was wrong somehow. When my daughter was two I moved out with my daughter and lived in an apt. I had a Bible stored somewhere in my apt and after meeting and having a religious debate with my now husband I dug around until I found it. Every time we spent time together he would encourage me and never try to change me. He didn’t judge me, he corrected and taught me with love. I started feeling Christ drawing me closer and closer. I went to church a couple times with him and it was the second church we went to together that I felt like I has just returned home. I knew that was the church I needed to be going to and that’s where I gave my life to Christ. Yes, I am born again. I now attend a non-denominational church and walk closely with our Father in Heaven. I am His and His manner of me is love. I am humbled to be called a Christian and I know I am no better than the homeless man passed out under the bridge with a bottle of hard liquor a few feet away. I am forgiven by God’s grace and for that I am grateful.
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